About Our Press Your Own Cider Demonstration.


October 7, 2018


Sunday - 12:30pm


$10 per person - includes 1/2 gallon of cider that you help press!


Coyote Hole Ciderworks
225 Oak Grove Drive
Mineral, VA 23117

Have you ever wondered, how do they press apples to make fresh apple cider? Now's your chance to help press your own apple cider! We'll be giving a demonstration on how we press our apples into fresh pressed cider and how we then turn that cider into hard cider. Help us crush fresh apples and then press the apple pulp into fresh pressed cider. Every paid person will be able to take home a fresh 1/2 gallon of the cider that we pressed on site! There is a limit of 20 people and spots will fill up fast, so come learn some cool things, have fun and take home of fresh pressed cider that you helped make! This demonstration will take place during our Fall Apple Festival happening on Sunday, October 7th at 12:30pm. More information below.

Press Your Own Cider Activities.

The Skinny

  • Help us crush fresh apples in our crusher
  • Transfer the pulp to our press
  • Press the freshly crushed apples
  • Learn how we take that fresh pressed cider and turn it into hard cider
  • Each paid participant takes home a 1/2 gallon of that freshly pressed cider you helped make!
  • Kids 10 and younger are free to view demonstration but not participate and must be closely supervised

Press Your Own Cider Terms and Conditions.

  • The contact person for this application must be over 18 and will be required to accept the Terms and Conditions on behalf of all members in the act. A completed registration form with acknowledgement of the waiver must be signed by all participants prior to the start of the demonstration. Children under 18 must also have a parent or guardian present, and must also have a parent or guardian’s signature on their registration form.
  • The Press Your Own Fresh Apple Cider Demonstration will take place at 12:30pm on Sunday, October 7th, 2018 during our Fall Apple Festival and registrations per session are limited. First come, first entered! There will be twenty (20) paid participants allowed only. Registrations do not close until the day of the event unless all sessions are full.
  • Entry to participate in pressing your own fresh apple cider is $10 for anyone over the age of 10 and must be paid prior to the start of the event.
  • Each paid participant will receive a 1/2 gallon of the fresh pressed cider that they helped press during the deomonstration.
  • Participants acknowledges that there are risks of personal injury as a result from participating in this demonstration. Participants, as a condition of entry, agree to indemnify and hold harmless, Coyote Hole Ciderworks, their sponsors, their vendors, or any others affiliated with the Fall Apple Festival for any injury as a result of this demonstration. If any participant does not feel that they can do any part of the demonstration process, there are no refunds.

Press Your Own Cider Registration.

If you would like to learn and participate in pressing fresh apple cider from fresh apples, please fill out the form below. Participants work on a first come, first serve basis by who signs up and pays the registration fee first. If you sign up but do not pay the fee, your spot will not be saved until payment is complete. Once you submit the form below, you will be automatically redirected to PayPal to finish payment so please do not close your browser or hit the back button until the redirect and payment is complete.

You can find more information on our Fall Apple Festival here, or you can contact us at anytime.

Supporters & Vendors.


Mary Kay
Origami Owl
Agnes and Dora